What is the Basic Toolkit

  • Is Toolkit containing Methodology for calculating Costs and Profitability by Product, Service, Customer, Distribution Channel or Sales Region.
  • Is a document with over 100 pages of content that explain in detail the steps to implement an Activity Based Costing System.

Who should buy the Basic Toolkit

Small, Medium or Large companies, that with a small investment, are interested in implementing Activity Base Costing methodology to determine costs by product, service, customer, distribution channel or sales region.

How to purchase the Basic Toolkit

  • Using secure purchase with PayPal or Credit Cards and Debit Cards.
  • Click the button below to go to the store.


How to Access Basic Toolkit

  • After paying at PayPal, you will get your confirmation password to access and download Basic Toolkit.
  • We suggest to complete the Basic Toolkit acquiring also the Industry Toolkit. We developed 5 Industry Toolkits. You can get more information in the following sections: Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial Services, Hospitals, Government.
  • We also have the Coaching Toolkit where an assigned Advisor supports virtually via e-mail to users who purchase the Industry Toolkit. This service is acquired as an extra on a monthly basis, and may be renewed indefinitely for subsequent months. To see more about Coaching Toolkit, click here. [Hr]

What are the Benefits of Implementing Activity-Based Costing Methodology

  • Knowing cost of activities, processes, products, customers, distribution channels or sales regions accurately.
  • identify which products, services or customers generate profit and which generate losses.
  • Identify the most costly activities and opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Identify resources for optimum process, product or customer.
  • The methodology helps increase profitability, reduce costs and improve process efficiency.

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