What is the Coaching Toolkit?

  • This product / service is a Virtual Counseling provided to customers via e-mail.
  • The goal is that through an adviser with between 3 and 15 years of experience in implementing ABC systems costs, we provide user support to advance safe and steady in building the cost model steps.

How to Buy the Coaching Toolkit?

  • Go to our Online Store and purchase via secure purchase with PayPal or Credit Cards and Debit Cards.
  • Click the button to go to the store:


How to Access the Coaching Toolkit?

  • The service is acquired trough Secure Purchase of PayPal.
  • The user who acquires any of the Industry Toolkits receives the mail of the Advisor that will attend all questions.
  • Invoicing will be available for either individuals or entities in all countries where the product is offered.
  • Coaching Toolkit lasts 30 days, and can be renewed as many times as needed to finish the model and also for evolving the Toolkit to other initiatives.
  • The advisor will answer questions and provide information from basics to advanced modeling issues, but will not process the customer information.
  • Some examples of issues that the Advisor can attend, from basic to advanced, are:
    • Survey of Activities and Processes
    • Preparation of Accounting, Resources, Activities, Cost Objects.
    • Definition Drivers or cost drivers and how to obtain the values ​​of the different systems.
    • Filling MaxProfit Modeler templates and interaction for the management and transfer costs.
    • Costing and Profitability.
    • Performance Reporting and initial analysis of ABC Cost Information.
    • Getting deteerminación indicators and rates for budgeting.
    • Advanced Analysis and Growth Model.
    • Migration Model for Software Cost Specializing in ABC.
    • Others.
  • The Advisor does not perform the tasks. Only will indicate the client the steps to follow up and tips to perform in order to complete the tasks.
  • Doubts may be related to the process of gathering information and uploading to the model in the Toolkit.
  • The number of questions by mail is limited to 5 and 1 e-mail per day, per named user who acquired the Industry Toolkit.
  • Answer to e-mails will be received by users in a maximum of 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

What are the Benefits of Coaching Toolkit?

  • Ongoing support that will help users to finish ABC Modeling in the Toolkit.
  • Advisors have lot of experience in Activity Based Costing, and have implemented the methodology in different industries.
  • Is an opportunity to evolve the Model developed in the toolkit in order to start new projects and initiatives to add value to the organization.
  • Go to On Line Store to acquire the Coaching Toolkit: