Specialized Training and Consulting in Financial Accounting

With our training and consulting solutions in financial accounting can reduce costs, make differentiated strategy served market prices, generating performance indicators and metrics to increase their profits.

We use the ABC Cost Methodology Initiatives such as:

Training and Consultancy for the implementation of ABC costing systems across the value chain: • Manufacturing • Distribution • Sales • Cost-To-Serve • Shared Services or Shared Services • Budgets • Financial Cost Activity Base, EVA Performance Indicators • • Balanced Scorecard

Studies conducted Cost and Profitability

Cost Studies let in a draft “once”, determine cost and profitability of processes, products and customers. The analysis of information allows us to generate a detailed report of profitable and unprofitable products, customers that add value to the organization and clients who destroy, Low Cost Channels Channels Caros Serve and Serve. The report includes actions to improve short term.

Activity Based Costing in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies with activities ranging from receiving raw materials supplier, almacenajde of raw materials, quality control of raw materials, supply lines, production, packing, packaging, line maintenance, quality control processes, engineering control process, shipments,

Costing Distribution and Sales Activities

Distribution activities, such as transfers, check, product delivery, marketing, delivery, billing, collecting, receiving returns, sales work, customer service, after sales, customer service, loyalty programs, customer care returns.

Costing Shared Services – Shared Services

With ABC copmartidas activities such as those undertaken by the legal department, and computer systems, telecommunications, insfraestructura, accounting and finance, financial planning, asset control, appraisals, tax, treasury, audit, development of web systems, client server coast, marketing, advertising, promotions, discounts.

Economic Value Added EVA with

With ABC financial cost of capital invested in the products, inventory, customer accounts receivable is recognized.

Performance Indicators

The Activity Based Costing determines naturally metrics or performance indicators that measure the efficiency or performance of the resources used in a process.

Balanced Scorecard

The alignment of the operation with the strategy of the organization is achieved through the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard interact where the financial, customer, internal processes and learning and growth of an organization.

Base Budget Activity

Activity based budgets to cut costs and optimize the performance of the resources used by the process, or activity area.

Business Intelligence

Implementing Business Intelligence Systems to visualize quickly and effectively ensuring the resutlados agility in decision-making

Advanced Data Analysis

Consulting and training in advanced analytics allow for a method for analysis and detection of opportunity areas.