Which Template should I Select for my Industry?

a) Production: Ideal for industries that involve manufacturing of every kind of product or article: Food and Beverages, Plastics, Manufacturing, Metalworking, Industrial Production, Chemical Production, Supermarkets, Entertainment, Restaurants, Distributors and Traders, where Costs of Raw Materials or Purchased Items are involved.

b) Banking and Financial Services: Includes Insurance Companies, Customs Brokers, Legal Services, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Customer Service, as well as other services that DO NOT involve Materials or Supplies.

c) Hospitals and Clinics: Includes health services, physiotherapy, clinics and diagnostic centers in general, whether Public or Private, where Supplies and Medications are required.

d) Distribution and Sales: Applies to marketers including Logistics and Transportation activities TR1, TR2, TR3, as required by each organization. If the items are purchased and sold, they must opt ​​for the Toolkit a) Production.

e) Shared Services Center: Ideal for corporations that want to accurately distribute costs to its Branches or Business Units . Allows establishing differentiated service rates based on resources required by each Branch or Business Unit

f) Government: Allows establishing costs for public services, whether internal or external in Government, based on resources consumed by service.

Template Licensing

Once the payment is received, the templetes are send with a one-year license, for one user. The annual renewal fee per license is USDll. 45.00 (forty-five US dollars).If you require more licenses for users, you must purchase every license separately, selecting the Toolkit of your interest.

Billing and Taxes

Invoice for Companies with «RFC» in Mexico. Companies that require an invoice with VAT (IVA) of México, must make the payment according to the values ​​in the box «Invoice in Mexico with IVA» mentioned in the table of the Virtual Store. You must send to info@maxprofiter.com your «Tax Situation Certificate» from the SAT Mexico, with the billing information. Once the payment is send from PayPal to the company bank account, we send the invoice in Pesos MXN, according to the exchange rate of the deposit. Invoice will have information in USDll. and MXN Pesos received.

Invoice for Companies outside of Mexico. The amount to be paid is the one mentioned in the box «Invoice Outside Mexico without VAT» for every Toolkit. Invoice will have information in USDll. and MXN Pesos received.