The current competitive environment is causing organizations that do not have accurate cost and profitability information by service, product, customer, distribution channel or sales region, face serious disadvantages and consequently reduce their margins jeopardizing their participation in markets as well as their sustainability. In order to ensure sustainability of organizations, we developed MaxProfiter Toolkits in order to help organizations to have accurate cost and profitability information. The Toolkits are accessible to any organization.

Objective of Toolkits

Develop an ABC Costing Model ABC with its internal resources or with minimal support from MaxProfiter, developing the ABC model to calculate costs in MS Excel, according to the documentation and guide you, step by step allows arming the cost model of each organization. It is limited to the capacity of columns and rows in MS Excel as well as its functionality systematization But first lets create a cost model with real information that will help the organization to visualize opportunities. [Hr]

Toolkits and Its Components

We developed 3 toolkits that are “bundled” as follows:

  1. Basic Toolkit: Contents a document with The Methodology that will help you create step by step, the Activity-Based Costing Model for your organization.
  2. Industry Toolkit: Contents two components, a document with  The Methodology and a MS Excel File for Industry that is prepared with spreadsheet that you will easily fill with your organization’s data an will calculate costs and profitability. We developed 5 versions of Industry Toolit, for different industries that are explained in detail further.
  3. Coaching Toolkit: is an advice scheme designed to give virtual consultancy to support users that acquired Industry Toolkit to create the Activity Based Costing Model. Is highly suggested. Support is trough e-mail. Is acquired separatedly in a monthly basis. Can be acquired as many times as needed, and can helps evolve the ABC project in the toolkit.

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Industries with MS Excel file Prepared

  • MANUFACTURING: Applies for industries with raw material costs, cost of goods purchased for resale, or high utilities and supplies costs. Example Manufacturing companies with Production Processes and Products Manufacture, Conversion, Food, Beverages, Retail – Supermarkets. Also applies to industries of Entertainment, Distributors and Wholesale with cost of items purchased. More Information: MP MODELER MANUFACTURING.
  • LOGISTICS: For industries without cost of raw materials or purchased items, such as services Logistics, Distribution, Storage. More Information: MP MODELER LOGISTICS.
  • FINANCIAL: For financial services with no cost of raw materials or products associated with specific purchases. Examples: Insurance, Financial Services, Entertainment without purchasing items, Business Services, Corporate Services (Shared Services Center), General Services. More Information: FINANCIAL MODELER MP .
  • HOSPITALS: Hospital and health sector, Hospitality. More Information: MP MODELER HOSPITALS .
  • GOVERNMENT: Organizations with no income, such as Government, Public Services and Nonprofit Institutions. More Information: MP MODELER GOVERNMENT .

NOTE: If you are not sure about the Industry Toolkit that matches your organization, we suggest purchasing MP MODELER MANUFACTURING because it is the most complete and applies to all industries, but excluding some of its modules or cost assignment spreadsheets.

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Benefits of our Toolkits

  1. With a very small investment, any type and sizes of organization may have initial project costs ABC.
  2. Industry Toolkit Excel File was developed with basic functions, that allow basic Excel users anyone with basic knowledge of spreadsheets can use the file.
  3. Our scheme Counseling / Coaching, is a targeted support that will guide you step by step to create a model that reflects their operation. Coaching allow them to have greater opportunity to model costs.
  4. aand scheme Consulting / Coaching can also use it to evolve in the ABC costing to implement other initiatives.

Looks to Create a Culture Analytics in organizations so that future decisions they make are based on accurate and reliable information.

Contact Us For More Information

  • If you want more information about the most suitable for your organization Toolkit.
  • If your project is in an advanced stage and requires implementing an ABC Cost Specialized software
  • Or if requires the implementation of an Integrated Cost System ABC to integrate with other systems through other ETL Tools or Interfaces.
  • If you need a different scheme participatory consultancy

How to purchase Toolkits

Toolkits are available. Visit our Online Store.

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