¿Cuenta usted con un sistema o herramienta para obtener costos precisos de sus productos o servicios?

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Organizations that does not know true costs and profitability of processes, services, products, customers regions or channels, face serious disadvantages in the current competitive environment. (*)

Do you know that …

  • … from 20% to 40% of customers are not profitable for organizations?
  • … which products generate profits and which will generate losses?
  • … which customers add value to your organization and those who destroy it?
  • … service level can be managed among customers to ensure sales and profitability?
  • … prices can be differentiated between customers, regions, distribution channels or markets served?

Do you have Activity Based Costing Implemented in your Organization?

In which stage is your project?

Do you have a software or tool to obtain accure costs and profitability of your products, customers, regions, distribution channels?

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Implement an Activity-Based Costing & Profitability System in order to capture opportunities:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Processes Performance
  • Fact Based Decision Making

Profitability Analysis and Cost Management

Profitability Analysis in the current competitive environment has become very important for organizations for accomplishing the following:

  1. To determine which products are profitable and which generate losses.
  2. Identify customers that add value to the company and those who destroy it.
  3. Assign resources properly to every business segment.
  4. Identify optimal product portfolio by channel or customer.
  5. Establish differentiated pricing strategy among customers or markets served according to their actual performance.
  6. Asignar corporate expenses, indirect, or shared services.
  7. Define elements of service to be provided to each client based on sales and profits.
  8. Establish budgeting based on “operations” approach instead of an “accounting” approach.