Toolkit Template for ABC Costing in Hospitals and Health Care Clinics

It is a Toolkit to develop an ABC Costing Model for Hospitals and Health Care Clinics using MS Excel. It applies to industries of Hospitals, Clinics, Health Care Centers, among others.

It consists of:

1. ABC Costing document for Hospitals and Health Care Centers.

  • Is a document with the Methodology to create an ABC Costing Model for Production and Manufacturing. This document is a detailed manual that explains step by step how to create an Activity-Based Costing Model.

2. Excel Template for ABC Costing for Hospitals and Health Care Centers.

  • Excel file with spreadsheets prepared with the structure, so that you can create your organization’s ABC costing model, by defining and capturing your own dictionaries of resources, activities and cost objects, as well as the drivers and costs assignments. The template has a preloaded Example of an ABC Costing Model that will help you visualize how to capture information to create the model structure.


Who Should Buy the Hospitals ABC Costing Template?

  • Small Companies that with a small investment wish to carry out the precise costing of their products or services using an avant-garde methodology that provides: a) Accurate Costs. b) It allows establishing profitable and added value prices. c) Provides activity costs, that helps costs reduction and processes improvement initiatives.
  • Medium or large companies that, with a small investment wish to carry out a pilot or proof of the concept of Activity-Based Costing.
  • Medium or Large Companies that have a limited project (example: costing of activities of an area or department, its deliverables to other external or internal areas, or specific projects in the organization), and with a small investment, wish to obtain the costs of the deliverables, to use as transfer prices to other areas or companies.
  • To ensure proper functioning of the Toolkit, the MS Excel Templates has “locked cells” and also is limited to 250 Cost Objects. Please read the notes and suggestions at the bottom of the page.


How to Buy Toolkit Templates for ABC Costing for Hospitals and Health Care Centers?

  • You can request the Toolkit of your interest to the e-mail: . You can also contact us at this e-mail for additional information about the Toolkit and Services we offer. According to the selected Package to buy, we send a link so you can make the payment through PayPal with a Credit or Debit Card.
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  • Once the payment is done, the purchase confirmation will be sent to your e-mail account.
  • As soon as PayPal gives notice of receipt of the payment (1 or 2 business days), we send an e-mail with the Toolkit and its password. According to the selected package, training or Virtual Coaching is scheduled.
  • The invoice is sent after receiving the PayPal payment in the Company’s account (4 to 6 days after the purchase). You have to send us your billing information.


What are the benefits of the ABC Costing Toolkit for Hospitals and Health Care Centers?

    • Accurate costing of activities or processes identifying the breakdown of resources costs assigned to each activity.
    • Precise costing of products or services defined in Cost Objects, identifying the detail of activity costs assigned to each Cost Object. We suggest setting only one type of cost object (ie. Products/Services). Please read Notes and Suggestions at the bottom of the page.
    • Identify the most expensive activities, and opportunities to reduce costs.
    • Determine the Real Profitability of every Cost Object in order to see which products or services generate profits and which of them generate losses.
    • With this information you will be able to establish a price strategy for each product, and the expected income.

    • Determine the optimal resources for each activity, process, service or client.
    • Identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of your processes.
    • It will carry out differentiated pricing strategies by product or service, channel, customer or sales region.
    • You will have the rates that will allow you to establish costs and budgets, either total or per hour of operation.

    • The ABC Costing Template for Hospitals and Health Care Centers has capacity for: 240 resource accounts, 70 employers or employee profile, 100 Heath Supplies, 100 activities (which can be classified as Primary or Support), 250 cost objects, 38 drivers per module. The modules allow to capture attributes for analysis, according to the needs of each user.
    • We suggest establishing only one cost object “Dimension” in the Toolkit; examples: 1) Health Services 2) Clients or Users 3) Diagnosis Type 4) Hospital Branch or Regions. This is due to the fact that for a small model in Excel, the definition of drivers and assignments is complicated when there are several mixed Cost Object dimensions.
    • During the coaching and training, we provide ideas and alternatives to handle multiple dimensions of Cost Objects, using the same Toolkit.

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