We are consultants specialized in implementing ABC costing systems and the analysis of information and its use in order to capture improvement opportunities such as: cost reduction, process improvement, profitability increase.

We have consultants with over 15 years of experience implementing:

  • Methodology of Activity Based Costing
  • ABC Conceptual Modeling.
  • Implementation of ABC in Specialized Software
  • Projects Automation
  • Information Analysis
  • Implementation of improvement programs.
  • SpecialiSystems
  • Definition of optimal products portfolio
  • Definition of performance indicators KPI s
  • Activity-based costing methodology helps  companies to have full understanding of costs in all operational areas: production, storage, distribution, sales, post-sale, service, cost-to-serve, shared services, back office.
  • Also helps companies to understand which customers are profitable and which are not
  • What service elements can be provided to every customer based on sales and profitability.
  • we implement Business Intelligence and Balanced Scorecard Systems that show actual results and indicators related with strategy.
  • Organizations must have information systems that allow timely fact based decisions
  • We help companies select the software for ABC Costin that fit project needs, size and budget.
  • We are partners of different developers of software specialized in ABC Costing.