Banking and Financial Services Toolkit

Is a Toolkit to create initial ABC costing model for Banking and Financial Services using MS Excel. Also applies to Insurance, Financial Services, Entretainment, Professional Services, Shared Services Center.

It consists of two elements:

  • Document with ABC Methodology to create ABC Costing Model. This document is a manual that explains step by step how to create an Activity-Based Costing model.
  • MS Excel file with spreadsheets prepared to create and calculate the ABC model.  costs your organization, defining their own dictionaries of resources, activities and cost objects, as well as drivers and assignments.

Who Should Buy Banking and Services Toolkit

Small or Medium Business of the above industries that, with a small investment, desire to make an initial ABC Costing Model or a Costs Study to know real costs and profitability by products, customers, distribution channels or sales regions.

How to Buy Banking and Services Toolkit

You can go to our Virtual Store and purchase through secure purchase with PayPal or Credit Cards and Debit Cards, following the steps are marked. Click the button below to go to the store.


How to Access Banking and Services Toolkit

  • Once the Toolkit is acquired, it will be send to your email the confirmation and the access password that will allow you to downloading the Toolkit with the components Manual + MS Excel file.
  • As an option we recommend purchasing the Coaching Toolkit. This Virtual Advice assigns a consultant that provides “coaching”. Communication is via e-mail. service costs additionally acquired in the store. For more information click here:

Expected Benefits of Banking and Services Toolkit

  • Accurate Costing activities, processes, products, customers, distribution channels and sales regions.
  • Real return indicating which products and customers generate profits and which generate losses.
  • Identify the most costly activities and opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Identify resources for optimal activity, process, or customer service.
  • Identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of their processes.
  • Perform pricing strategies differentiated by channel, customer or product.
  • Will have rates that will allow you to set the budget overhead.

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